Pursuing one’s passion for companion animals beyond simply having a pet at home can often be very challenging. We feel honored that our offerings have been impressive enough to draw you to our Academy.

Animal Career Academy seeks prospective students who have experience and/or a passion for companion animals, who are not afraid of hard work, and are willing to meet our high standards.

We strive to maintain a supportive and stimulating academic environment in which learning is enhanced and encouraged.

Our faculty is drawn from and is actively involved in professions related to the disciplines in which they teach. This enables them to bring a professional, hands-on approach to the classroom. We also strive to stay abreast of all developments in various fields of animal care and invest in equipment and facilities that are contemporary with those used among the top professionals.

The partnership between ACA and the student is one of equal commitment: the student commits to working with determination, diligence, and dedication; ACA commits to holding itself and its students to the highest standards of performance, instruction, and ethics. We are committed to advancing ACA while supporting the success of each individual student.

We promise that your decision to attend ACA will be a significant step in providing you with a better understanding of companion animals and hopefully preparation for your life’s work in a career with animals.

Beverley A Petrunich

President, Animal Career Academy