The following course in addition to the core curriculum is required to receive a certificate from ACA as a Pet Entrepreneur.


Business Start-up - 36 hours

Cost: $795 plus textbooks

This class explores all aspects of becoming an entrepreneur including principles and methods of identifying business opportunities, planning ways to address market needs, gathering resources and managing the process of building a business. Special emphasis will be placed on businesses related to dogs. Students' assignments will include visiting dog businesses and interviewing dog related business owners.


- Identify best marketing techniques based on consumer targets.

- Discuss the importance and elements of a business plan.

- Deliver their personal "elevator" speech.

- Discuss the pros and cons of being self employed.

- Discuss major financial and legal considerations of starting a business.

- Effectively interview potential candidates for employment.

- Identify what constitutes and promotes good customer service.

- Identify elements necessary for good employee morale.


Special emphasis will be placed on dog businesses. Your assignments will include

visiting these establishments and interviewing their business owners.