Frequently Asked Questions


Most FAQ’s are answered in their relevant category on this site. We invite you to peruse the site for answers and general information. As we get more FAQ’s that aren’t answered elsewhere on the site, we’ll post them here. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us by email or at 312-564-5101

Why Animal Career Academy?


Unlike other schools, ACA's core curriculum gives every student a foundation for understanding the total canine; this ranges from the history of canines and their anatomy, to why they behave the way they do. Students will also learn basic business fundamentals required for a successful business operation. Most importantly, because ACA is affiliated with DoGone Fun!, a full service dog facility that cares for over 120 dogs daily, every student will have a lot of opportunities for daily interactions with all types of dogs.

What is a typical day?

You will have a combination of classroom lectures, demonstrations, electronic media presentations, and supervised hands-on training. Generally, core curricula classes are 75-80% theory. In specific vocational courses students will spend 20-25% of the time in lecture and 75-80% of your time in hands-on classes or experiences. In addition, instructors will work with you one-on-one to discuss your progress and coach you on any problems that you are experiencing.


Who will be my instructors while attending ACA?

The instructors at ACA have been involved with dogs most of their lives and professionally for many years. We are extremely careful to select professionals who are not only highly skilled in their respective professions in working with dogs, but also individuals who are highly motivated and skilled to share their knowledge and experience with others. They are committed to helping students attain their goals of working with animals, whether it be becoming a dog trainer, becoming a dog groomer, becoming an animal caregiver, becoming a pet business owner, becoming a pet massage therapist, or simply learning more about dogs and other animals.


What equipment is required?

Will I need to bring supplies with me to ACA? Books and equipment vary by program. Required books and basic equipment are included in the cost of the program. We also have available additional equipment and supplies you may find helpful, offered to students at a discounted rate. Our instructors will guide you in the selection of proper equipment for your courses.


Is student counseling available?


Students will be provided feedback and counseling throughout the program. All programs have a defined number of hours for completion. However, ACA realizes that some students may need additional help. Contingent upon approval by ACA faculty, students may be permitted to stay up to an additional 2 weeks to work with their instructor(s) in order to complete all requirements for no additional tuition.


Will ACA assist me with finding a job?

ACA maintains a current listing of career opportunities and will counsel students and aid them in job placement. However, ACA is not able to guarantee employment to its students. Throughout your training, instructors guide students in what is important to be successful in your chosen career. Prior to graduation students learn how to write a professional resume and cover letter. Graduates are also welcome to use our placement services at no additional cost.