The following classes, as well as the Core Curriculum, are required to receive a certificate from ACA as a Dog Caregiver.


Operations of a Kennel and/or Play lot – 115 hours

Cost: $595 plus textbooks

Theory:             25 hrs

Hands-on:        90 hrs

Homework:      15 hrs

You will learn the day to day operations of dog kennels including sanitation,recordkeeping and legal requirements. You will also learn how dog daycares operate where dogs are playing together for extended periods of time. Skills learned include handling animals that are fighting; animals that are frightened; calming animals; and how to engage animals to play. Lots of time will be spent working on a play lot and in kennel.

- Demonstrate effective dog handling skills on play lot as well as one-on-one.

- Independently handle responsibilities of cleaning kennels, feeding dogs, administrating special services requested by clients and all other kennel related responsibilities.

Bathing Basics – 35 hours

Cost: $595

Theory:            5 hrs

Hands-on:       30 hrs

Homework:     15 hrs

As a kennel caregiver you will need the skills to bathe a dog. The Bathing Basics includes nail trimming, ear care, correct bathing, drying and brushing of all types of hair; and identification of possible health concerns. Emphasis will be placed on understanding proper use of industry tools, equipment, and products to care for skin and coat to facilitate good health.



Daycare & Kennel Management – 75 hours

Cost: $895 plus textbooks

Theory:            20 hrs

Hands-on:       55 hrs

Homework:     15 hrs

You, the future daycare manager, kennel manager, or business owner will explore the various aspects of running a dog daycare and a kennel operation on a daily basis. Topics include: legal requirements, facility design, safety, sanitation, dog handling policies, software systems, customer service and employee related issues.

- Cite legal requirements of operating a daycare/kennel.

- Discuss common safety and sanitation issues and why controlling these are so important to a successful operation.

- Identify common customer and employee issues and how they can be avoided.

- Understand the fundamentals and operate a basic daycare/kennel management software system.